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Childcare Program Information 2017-2018

Child Care provides the convenience of a safe before and after care site for parents and students in grades Pre K - 6.  Fees are reasonable and comparably inexpensive.  There is time for supervised homework and play at each site.



Registration Fees & Tuition

  • There is a $20.00 one-time per year registration fee per student including drop-ins.
  • All children participating in the Child Care Program must be registered including drop-ins.​



        Full-Time Weekly Tuition Per Child Cost

  • Both morning/afternoon (AM/PM) Weekly Tuition $30.00
  • AM Only Weekly Tuition $20.00
  • PM Only Weekly Tuition $25.00
  • All drop-in fees will be $10.00 per day per child for morning or afternoon sessions or for both sessions.


Late Fees

LATE FEES (Weekly Payments):  All Child Care fees are to be prepaid each week.  A $10.00 per day late fee will be charged when Child Care payments are not made in advance.  Please take care of prepayments so that late charges do not have to be assessed.

LATE FEES (Late Pick-ups):  Students picked up after 6:00 PM will accrue the following late fees:  $10.00 within the first fifteen (15) minutes and $5.00 for each additional five (5) minutes.


*All fees are non-refundable.  There are no refunds if a child is absent.  Partial payments are not acceptable.


NSF Checks:  Envision Payment Solutions handles all of Terrebonne Parish School District's NSF (non-sufficient funds) checks.  The service fee for returned checks is $25.00 or 5% of face amount, whichever is greater.  

School Holidays

  • Child Care does not operate on school holidays.


  • The Child Care Program will not operate on the Friday evenings of major school holidays; such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter; and on the Friday evenings of Mardi Gras parades.